The Occurrence of Back Pain in Athletes

If you’re wondering if athletes have a need for chiropractic care, this should prove to be an interesting article for you. We all think of athletes as being big, fast, strong, and practically invincible. And when we do think of an athlete getting injured, the thought usually gravitates towards contact sports such as football. Below you’ll discover the types of injuries that high level athletes typically endure and why they would want to see an athletes. Some of the numbers may surprise you.

Keep in mind that top athletes are very conscious of what goes into their bodies, whether it’s food, supplements, or medications. In many sports, athletes may be barred from taking certain medications to speed up their recovery to injury or enhance their performance.

One of the most common injuries suffered by athletes is back pain. By some estimates, this affects approximately 75% of all athletes at some point during their careers…to a greater or lesser degree.

Now, when it comes to back pain, the issue usually arises in the lower back. Lower back pain is very common among the normal population. As much as 60% of the population will experience such pain at least once during their lifetime.

But athletes are not immune to lower back pain. For example, in the gymnastic and weightlifting community, the percentage of athletes experiencing lower back pain falls in the 80 percentile range. For other athletes, the percentages are less, but still significant.

– Wrestlers (69%)
– Soccer players (58%)
– Tennis players (50%)
– Golfers (30%)

As you can imagine, all of the sports mentioned above place a great amount of pressure on the spine. Gymnasts are twisting and flexing their bodies at angles that are sometimes mind blowing. Back flips, uneven bars, etc. Maybe this is one of the reasons that female athletes tend experience more occurrences of back pain than male athletes by a margin of 33% to 26%, respectively.

Weightlifters have to jerk a tremendous amount of weight from the floor above their heads. This places a great amount of stress on the back, even when proper technique is used. And of course, we all know that professional weightlifters sometimes make mistakes or take chances in attempting to lift more than they should to win the gold.

And have you seen professional golfers swing a golf club? Sometimes it makes my back hurt when watching them. It takes a tremendous amount of torque to get a little ball to fly 300 yards and stay in the fairways.

So now you can understand why top athletes frequently seek out chiropractors to help them recover from back pain. But not all back pain is linked to a spinal injury. If that were the case, you’d have more athletes retiring early.

In fact, in about 60% of cases, back pain is related to muscle strain and in about 7% of the time it’s tied to a spinal disc injury.

Without a doubt, a qualified chiropractor can offer a variety of non-drug techniques and methods for quickly reducing muscle strain. Even spinal discs can be readjusted by chiropractors, so that surgery won’t be required.

No athlete really wants to go under the knife because they know that recovery time can take longer, not to mention the risk of infection or an unintended out.come.

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