About Us

Millions of men and women suffer from back and neck pain. And oftentimes the pain can be debilitating and force many people to change jobs or even lifestyles.

Back pain can occur in any area of the back, including the upper and middle parts. But lower back pain is the most problematic and is frequently associated with conditions such as sciatica.

The pain can come from several sources such as muscular, nerves, arthritis, or degenerative discs in the spine.

Like back pain, neck pain could also be linked to a degerative disc in the spine. But other sources of neck pain could be due to an accident, such as a car wreck or strain.

Of course, neck pain can be due to internal infections of the throat, swollen glands, meningitis, or conditions impacting the neck muscles.

This blog is dedicated to exploring the many conditions and diseases related to back and neck pain. We will also offter the latest news and tips for treating problems.

We know that living with back and neck pain is no fun whatsoever. So our mission is to inform and point you in a direction that can return you to a pain-free life.